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Signing Over Title

We understand and realize that signing over your vehicle may not be ideal.

We also understand and realize you may not be able to pay to have your vehicle released from impound.

If you are conscious about your credit and having outstanding debt negatively affect your credit score
If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to afford to pay the release fees associated with the towing and storage of your impounded vehicle please consider this option:

Within the first five (5) days of the vehicle being impounded, the REGISTERED OWNER may pay the towing fee only and turn in the title of their vehicle.

After 5 days of the vehicle being impounded, the REGISTERED OWNER may pay approximately 50% of the total fees owed on the vehicle and sign over the title.

We can accept current registration in lieu of a pink slip.

* If the title is not in the individual's possession or not in the name of who is turning it in, that individual must obtain a printout, in their name, from the DMV in order to turn in their vehicle or process a duplicate title. If Bruffy's Tow has already obtained DMV information on the vehicle from its lien processing company, and that information matches the identification of the individual turning over title, the individual can sign the Application for Duplicate Title and Bill of Sale to complete the transaction.

Stolen/Recovered Vehicles --
You may sign over your vehicle for NO CHARGE within the first fourteen (14) days.
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