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How Storage is Calculated

Storage fees start accruing immediately once a vehicle enters our facility after it has been impounded (either by the City of Los Angeles or off of private property) or towed in at the owner’s request. Once a vehicle has been impounded for more than 24-hours, storage is simply calculated in calendar days.

Here's an example:

Your vehicle is impounded on a Saturday at 3:30pm.

On the following day, Sunday at 3:30pm, the initial 24-period expires.

The SECOND day of storage fees are applied at this time.

Additional days of storage are accrued at midnight (12:00AM).

Storage fees can now be simply calculated in calendar days. This means storage fees will be added for ANY part of ANY day that your vehicle is impounded.

In addition to storage rates, all applicable tow fees, city release fees and lien fees apply.

We hope this helps. Please call if us @ (310)395-0084 if you have any further questions.
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